The large Asia Foolad family with several years of brilliant experience in the country’s steel industry, covering a wide range of steel products chain, It is committed to adhering to its core principles and values due to the excellent experience of managers and experts, Dynamic leadership of the company in the field of trade, sale and export of steel products, development of local and foreign markets, promotion of productivity and sustainable organizational excellence, using the knowledge and experience of specialists and the ability of human resources as one of the largest suppliers of long steel sections; Provides the conditions for attracting and retaining customers by relying on the capabilities and capacities of its expert forces in order to supply the highest quality products and make every effort to provide the best services and provides special conditions for reliable purchase for its customers.

Vision and values

  Asia Foolad Group is a value-creating company, committed to stakeholders, innovative and knowledge-based, and with a privileged position in the steel industry, especially in the field of distribution of Isfahan steel products, which is operating as the only sales agent of the company’s products and intends with the help and knowledge of experts and knowledge capitals consisting of the country’s academic elites in sales and commerce and become the most customer-oriented company in the field of steel sections in the region and meet all the basic needs of customers in this field; In addition, by creating a global perspective on steel products, with the cooperation and assistance of individuals, it can provide a share in the export of its products in global markets.