Azar Tarvand Aras Company has a high motivation for sustainable production to meet the food needs of the growing population of the world and has focused on food security. Using young and specialized human recources, this complex integrates crop production with greenhouse cultivation and brings food to the table of the people of the world while preserving the values of humans, natural resources, environment, water and soil. Azar Tarvand Aras has entered the markets of the Middle East and Russia by maintaining production standards and hopes to enter the global markets in the near future. Using the latest technologies in the hydroponic industry, this collection considers the quality and quantity of products as the main mission to achieve a world free of poverty and hunger.


Sustainable production to ensure food security is our main language for creating a world free of poverty and hunger.


General activity description

The establishment plan of Azar Travand Aras International Agro-Industry Company is being implemented on a land with an area of about 38 hectares and a total initial credit of about $45 million in the northwestern region of Iran, East Azarbaijan province and the Aras Free Trade and Industrial Zone.

The company’s greenhouse production will use the latest technologies in the field of greenhouse structures and hydroponic systems in an area of about 25 hectares and with a credit of about $ 40 million to grow a variety of summer crops and vegetables.


Azar Travand Aras International Agro-Industry Company, as one of the sub-branches of West Steel Holding, by attracting young academic elites in all fields of agriculture and industry, has made it’s top priority the increasing of the productivity of factors and resources as well as making economical production. The company’s experts have used modern agricultural methods to prevent land fragmentation and take a firm step towards the development of the agricultural sector.

The company seeks to complete the production chain, increase production per unit area through farming and the use of modern greenhouse systems, exploit the potential of water, soil and energy in the region and the optimal management of resources, capital and food security for providing healthy and sufficient food for the countries of the region and increasing the export potential of agricultural products to the world markets.


The words of the CEO

There is no greater happiness than knowing that the children of this land won’t sleep hungry even for one night, and this will be our concern until it comes true.

A key sentence from an expert in our field:

Greenhouse products are the key to food security