Navardkaran Foolad Gharb started its official activity with the production of polystyrene and polyurethane sandwich panels, steel decks and various sheets, in Shahid Salimi Industrial Town, Tabriz and today, as one of the industrial hubs of northwestern Iran, it is thinking of continuous improvement. At the present, with the benefit of the latest machinery and production facilities in the production line, loading and unloading, the most equipped quality control laboratory and specialized manpower is trying to expand its activities in local and foreign markets. the company expanded its activities in order to provide the best possible service and set up a production line for modular houses and caravans.

Foolad Gharb Factory has been built on a land with an area of 20,000 square meters and two workshop production units with an area of 3,000 square meters. The development plan of this company was put on the agenda of the research and development team of this company due to the unparalleled welcome of its constant companions and board of directors’ feeling of need of an update of the production technology of sandwich panels. In 1400, the second phase of this factory started operating with the benefit of specialized and expert human sources and the latest technology in the world.

The annual production capacity of Foolad Gharb Company is one million square meters of sandwich panels and more than 19,000 tons of various sheets. With the development plan, this amount will increase up to 2.5 million square meters of sandwich panel production and it is predicted that with the full operation of the new production line by the end of 1400, it will create employment for a large number of young Iranians and will allocate to itself a large market share.


In 2019, Foolad Gharb added a new production line to SAFA Holding with the best quality in the world, under the Techno Ev brand. Tekno Ev complex was created with the aim of serving customers in the field of production of light steel Frames (LSF). Lightweight steel Framing and dry construction have been introduced in recent years as an alternative to traditional construction. In this method, galvanized steel sheet as the basis of the structure, is converted into structural frames by fully automatic plants and Based on CAD / CAM technology, and finally these frames are connected by bolts and nuts to form the structure. The advantages of this type of construction compared to the traditional construction include very high speed of execution and the lightness of the structure. Tekno Ev complex with the latest technology in the world and the New Zealand devices, as well as using its young specialists and engineers, implements various projects from the design stage to the implementation of a variety of short residential buildings up to 3 floors, Light commercial buildings, industrial light sheds and warehouses, small commercial offices and buildings, industrial and partitioning units, modular and portable structures such as modular houses , residential, worker camps, prefabricated houses, prefabricated application spaces, construction extension and the turnkey expansion of the number of floors. The development of light buildings in this way, which is an economical, reliable and feasible system in the shortest time, has been considered as the ultimate goal of this complex.

Which is able to do construction up to 50,000 square meters per year by LSF method, which a major part of this capacity can be considered for export. In addition to light steel frames, this complex is able to design and execute a variety of heavy metal structures, including sheds and cranes with the best quality and at the lowest cost. TeknoEv, with a production capacity of 20,000 tons of heavy metal structures per year, also performs all required technical and engineering services.

In order to fully assure the customers, the after-sales service system is being set up and quality inspections are carried out periodically from the projects provided by the Foolad Gharb team.

Relying on the unique thinking of human resources in the units of production, sales, finance, marketing and research and development, Foolad Gharb has established a genuine culture of customer orientation in each member of the Foolad Gharb family and promises a bright future.

We are all confident here.