The handmade carpet is the artistic connection of people with nature, life, belief and history. It is a combination of love and art in which the growth of the universal garden is in the hands of artists and weavers.

Persian handmade carpet is a delicate world full of imagination, repetition of trees, streams and flowers, an ideal world and taken from the Iranian spirit.

Sovran Carpet Studio is a specialized center for the production of customized carpets and tableau rugs which is located in the capital of the world handmade carpets (Tabriz – Sardroud). These two cities are known as the capitals of carpets and tableau rugs in the world, respectively, and Sovran Carpet is the inheritor of the valuable treasure of Iranian carpets. Here in Sovran Carpet we look at carpets, not as flooring, but as a combination of the various arts of nations, and in this regard, our goal is to produce luxurious carpets and Tableau rugs that evoke the emotions of the people and the beauty of any environment.

Sovran Carpet has created its various and specialized sections to implement its vision. Which are designing, dyeing, production and packaging of products. To cover the diverse tastes of our customers, we use the world’s top carpet designers to create the most exquisite artistic masterpieces in our field. The young, creative and tasteful human resources of the collection seek in all the processes of idea generation, design, production and delivery to offer the best product with the highest quality and elegance.

A large part of Sovran products includes the production of their exquisite carpets and tableau rugs and their own special packaging. But in addition, it also has ready-made woven carpets and tableau rugs Which adorn your home and workplace.

another group of products includes new innovations in the field of combining carpets with other elements, such as combining with luxury men’s and women’s clothing or combining carpets with furniture etc., which require an elevated level of creativity and elegance.

The feasibility of the production in this section is first put into consideration by the research and development team and then the product will be specially designed and produced based on the demands of customers.



Sovran carpet company’s vision:

Creating a superior and a new value for all human beings who look at the carpet as a delicate ancient art, Through an innovative combination of art and carpet by expert, dynamic and creative teams.

Sovran Carpet, as an avant-garde market leader in the carpet industry, will strive to pay special attention to innovation of aesthetically pleasing designs, production and supply of high-quality, beautiful and eye-catching artistic hand-made products which are crafted with organic raw materials that protect the interests of the environment, and to promote an exquisite view of any place through tasteful elements


Sovran Carpet company’s mission:

We believe that the art is a crystallization of the culture, religion and beliefs of a nation that reflects the intellectual, manual and emotional abilities of mankind and is tied to the lives of human beings and humanity.

Sovran Carpet strives to create a dynamic and flexible environment for its creative and capable employees who are the most important assets of this collection and relying on the heritage of our ancestors and using new technologies in the carpet industry and other related industries, to design, produce and supply products according to the wishes and tastes of its customers.

Our main focus is on the markets of the Persian Gulf countries, East Asia, Western Europe and the United States But we try to never miss global opportunities

With an innovative look for continuous improvement, Sovran Carpet seeks to produce customized products with sustainable and global quality and using environmentally friendly natural materials to immortalize our hand-woven products in your homes.


The company’s values

  • Honesty, hard work, transparency and customer orientation
  • Production of high-quality and unique products
  • Managing the connection with the customer and considering their satisfaction
  • Development and empowerment of employees through participation and teamwork
  • Growth and excellence in services


Carpet and dyeing history:

The most exquisite and creative carpets in the world are woven in Iran. The art of carpet weaving in Iran is deeply intertwined with the culture and customs of the people of this land and originates from their instinctive feelings. Skilled Iranian carpet weavers combine amazing patterns with admirable colors, an art which is only expected from eminent painters. World art experts compare Iranian carpets with a pleasant garden full of colors, flowers, vegetables, birds and animals, and terrestrial and mythical creatures.

Carpet is a type of spread woven from cotton, wool and silk fibers that is traditionally used to cover the ground, however nowadays, due to its beautiful, enchanting and attractive patterns, it has found a decorative and luxurious aspect that attracts a lot of attention to itself.


Handmade carpet history in the world

All researchers believe that the carpet and rug weaving industry originated in Asia and that Turkestan, Iran and the Caucasus must have been the primary cradle of this art. From the expressions found in the Bible and classical literature, it has been concluded that the Eastern art of carpet weaving has been known for a long time before the birth of Christ. In fact, the history of carpets in the world seems to go back to the post-cave age. Humans at the time, tried to make mats for themselves, first by imitating birds with tree leaves and plant fibers. With the passage of time and the development of urbanization, softer materials such as animal skins and wool were replaced by dried foliage and after a while, humans were able to invent different methods for spinning and weaving, and this process has continued to this day and today, in Iran and all over the world, people have been able to design and produce soft and delicate, precious and valuable mats made of natural and synthetic fibers. Today, many of the patterns used for carpet weaving are still animal motifs and have their roots in the primitive cave age.


Persian Carpet:

Persian carpet has been used since ancient times; According to the Greek historian Xenophon says in his book Cyrus, between 430 and 345 BC: ” Iranians spread rugs under their beds to keep their beds soft.” The Sui Soo Chinese yearbook mentions Iranian woolen carpets as imported goods to China in the Sassanid period. The famous Baharestan carpet at Ctesiphon Palace has also been widely reflected in Islamic literature due to its splendor. Although the history of carpet weaving has been linked to Turkish art and Central Asian tribes, the discovery of the Pazyryk rug – the oldest example of a rug found in the world – painted with original Achaemenid motifs. And in the icy tomb of one of the Scythian rulers, somewhere about 80 kilometers from Mongolia, has been discovered, indicating that Iran has long been the cradle of carpet production.

During the Mongol domination (13th and 14th centuries) carpet weaving reached a very high level of beauty and craftsmanship. The flourishing of this industry may have coincided with the reign of Casanus (1307-1295). However, the peak of classical Iranian carpet, which is known as the Renaissance of Iranian carpet is considered to be along the time of the Safavid sultans (1799-1422) especially during the reign of Shah Tahmasp I (1524-1587) and Shah Abbas the Great (1587-1529). About 3,000 carpets from this period are preserved and kept in the world’s major museums or in private collections. During this period, carpet weaving workshops were built next to the king’s palaces, and we can witness the prosperity of this industry in different cities of Iran.

Nowadays, we see the prosperity of various types of carpets in different cities of Iran, each of which is known in the world with its own characteristics such as color, quality of equipment used and design, such as: Tabriz carpet, Hariz, Isfahan, Kāshān, Qom, Mashhad, Kerman , Turkman and…


Dyeing history

The existence of spinning wheels in the western region of Iran, Ilam, belonging to the fifth millennium BC, indicates the existence of weaving and some products. Weaving has emerged in this area about two thousand years ago. The relics of weaving and fabric texture can be traced in the areas under the influence of the Sumerians and Assyrians, and especially the dyed fabrics in Babylon. The discovery of copper rods, a kind of spinning tool in Tepe Hissar near Damghan, announces the constancy of spinning and weaving in Iran in the second millennium BC. With the revival of the culture of the Iranian tribes and the increase of the authority of the Medes and the tribes that were herdsmen and cattle breeders, the use of wool and animal fibers in that period can be well justified. The existence of Pazyryk carpet, which is a workshop carpet and is designed with a precise texture and structure, shows not only the existence of a large carpet weaving industry but also the existence of advanced textile industries. The colors used in this carpet, which is the most beautiful and harmonious, indicates the existence of dyeing centers, vegetable colors or common colors such as purple or Seashell, etc.

The English scientist Helkut, who lived in the sixteenth century, tells one of his fellow merchants: In Iran, you will see carpets of coarse wool with cotton threads on both sides. These carpets have the best and most beautiful colors.

In his travelogue, Chardin praises Kashan’s textile, velvet and silk products: The dyeing industry in Iran is more developed and progressed than in Europe since the colors of this country have more light and relative mass and do not fade very quickly, however the pride of this craft depends more on the characteristics of the weather and climate of that country than the art of Iranian industry

Because the dry and smooth environment of this land causes a special glow of colors.


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